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(12ct) 10-14mm Female Domeless Titanium Nail Gr. 2 $4.99 EA

(12ct) 10-14mm Female Domeless Titanium Nail Gr. 2 $4.99 EA

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  • Domeless design for easy use and cleaning
  • Fits 10mm and 14mm male joints
  • Made from Grade 2 Titanium for durability and heat resistance
  • Female joint for a secure fit
  • Compatible with various concentrates
  • Excellent heat retention and distribution for efficient dabbing

Upgrade your dabbing setup with our 10-14mm Female Domeless Titanium Nail Gr. 2. This high-quality nail is made from Grade 2 Titanium, a material known for its durability, corrosion resistance, and excellent heat retention properties. Its domeless design allows for easy use and cleaning, while the female joint ensures a secure fit. This nail is compatible with various concentrates and fits 10mm and 14mm male joints. With excellent heat distribution and retention, you can enjoy efficient and flavorful dabs every time. Invest in this premium nail and elevate your dabbing game.

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