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(12ct) 4" Sage Smudge Stick $1.99 EA

(12ct) 4" Sage Smudge Stick $1.99 EA

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  • Height: 4"
  • 12 count sage leaf bundles
  • Convenient for easy handling
  • Promotes positive energy

Sage itself has been traditionally used for centuries due to its believed properties of clearing negative energy, promoting balance, and enhancing spiritual awareness. When the smudge stick is lit, the sage leaves release fragrant smoke, and this smoke is wafted around a person, space, or object to cleanse and purify it.

Before using a smudge stick, it's essential to set intentions and focus on the purpose of the smudging ritual. Whether it's purifying a space, inviting positive energy, or clearing one's mind, the act of smudging is seen as a way to create a sacred atmosphere and promote spiritual well-being.

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