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(12ct) 9" Sage Smudge Stick $3.99 EA

(12ct) 9" Sage Smudge Stick $3.99 EA

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  • Height: 9"
  • 12 count bundle of 9" sage sticks
  • Longer, slower burn
  • Promotes positive energy

The 9" sage stick offers a longer burning time and a larger volume of fragrant smoke compared to smaller smudge sticks.

Sage smudging is often performed to cleanse a space, purify objects, or promote spiritual well-being. The aromatic smoke released by burning sage is believed to help clear negative energy, uplift the atmosphere, and restore balance.

Before using a sage stick, take a moment to set your intentions and focus on the purpose of the ritual. Clear your mind, visualize the positive energy you wish to invite or the negative energy you want to release, and proceed with the smudging ceremony.

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