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24" x 36" Crime Boss War Picture Frame

24" x 36" Crime Boss War Picture Frame

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El Chapo is portrayed speaking on a vintage box phone, symbolizing his control and influence in the world of organized crime. His expression is determined, reflecting his leadership and strategic mindset.

Pablo Escobar's presence exudes authority and dominance. His expression is serious, conveying his calculated nature and the weight of his influence. Marilyn Monroe's expression is alluring, capturing her iconic allure and star power.

Scarface is portrayed shooting a shotgun. The action-packed scene symbolizes his willingness to resort to violence in his pursuit of power and his ambitious nature.

The Joker is depicted aiming an MP5 rifle while wearing a tactical vest. His unpredictable and chaotic nature is emphasized adding an element of anarchy.

The painting encapsulates the essence of these iconic figures, showcasing their distinct personalities and roles within the realm of power, crime, and influence.

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