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24" x 36" The Godfather Last Supper Picture Frame

24" x 36" The Godfather Last Supper Picture Frame

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The table covered in a lavish display of alcohol bottles, stacks of money, and drugs symbolize wealth, excess, and the darker aspects of the characters' lives. 

The Godfather, wearing a tuxedo, exudes an air of authority and control. Resting on his lap is a cat, representing his calm demeanor and calculating nature.

Marilyn Monroe, an iconic symbol of beauty and glamour, adds allure to the scene. El Chapo, known for his involvement in the drug trade, exudes an air of danger and power. Pablo Escobar, a notorious drug lord, embodies a sense of authority and influence.

The Joker adds an element of chaos and unpredictability to the composition. Scarface, wounded but defiant, represents resilience and the consequences of a life of crime. Walter White contributes a sense of intelligence and calculated risk.

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