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36" x 24" Marilyn Hollywood Diner Picture Frame

36" x 24" Marilyn Hollywood Diner Picture Frame

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The painting showcases a classic diner, with a retro aesthetic. The interior of the diner is filled with a warm, nostalgic ambiance.

The focal point of the painting is a big blue "Hollywood Diner" LED sign, prominently displayed in the background. The sign adds a touch of glamour and draws attention to the diner's vibrant atmosphere.

Marilyn Monroe is wearing a bright red romper, which adds a vibrant burst of color. Her iconic beauty and charm radiate from her confident expression, capturing the essence of her Hollywood allure.

The painting portrays a nostalgic scene, with Marilyn Monroe as the central figure exuding charm and allure in the vibrant setting of a classic diner. The presence of the Hollywood Diner sign adds an element of glamour and hints at the allure of the golden era of Hollywood.

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