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36" x 24" Scarface Quote Picture Frame

36" x 24" Scarface Quote Picture Frame

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Tony Montana's upper body in a stylish suit. His confident posture and intense gaze capture his larger-than-life persona. He is shown smoking a cigar, adding a touch of sophistication and portraying his association with power and wealth.

The quote in Spanish that reads, "El fue Tony Montana. Pero el mundo lo recordará como...  Scarface" (He was Tony Montana. But the world will remember him as...  Scarface).

The word "Scarface" is prominently displayed to pay homage to the movie and further reinforces the identity of the character and the cultural significance associated with the film.

The painting combines elements of Tony Montana's iconic image, the allure of his character, and the iconic Scarface title. It encapsulates the lasting impact and legacy associated with Tony Montana.

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