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(40ct) Hustler King Woods Leaf Wraps Crema Rusa $1.10 EA

(40ct) Hustler King Woods Leaf Wraps Crema Rusa $1.10 EA

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  • High-quality materials for a smooth smoking experience
  • Classic crema rusa flavor for a flavorful smoke
  • Slow and even burn for consistent smoking
  • Convenient pouch packaging for on-the-go use
  • 8 pouches of 5 leaf wraps for long-lasting use.

These wraps come in a package containing 8 individual pouches, with each pouch containing 5 leaf wraps.

The Hustler King Woods Leaf Wraps are known for their high-quality tobacco leaves, which are carefully selected and processed to provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. The wraps are typically made from natural tobacco leaves, free from additives or chemicals, allowing smokers to appreciate the natural flavor of the tobacco.

The leaves are known for their flexibility and ease of rolling, making it convenient for users to create their own customized cigarettes or cigars. Additionally, the health risks associated with smoking should also be considered when using any tobacco-related products.

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